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Singer Walukagga Decries Rot At BoU In New Song

Former BoU Executive Director Supervision Justine Bagyenda and the then Director Financial Markets, Benedict Ssekabira (R) appearing before the COSASE probe in 2019.

Singer Mathias Walukagga is known for songs that touch and impact the ordinary person.

The Kadongo Kamu hit maker has always released songs criticizing social and political injustices, something that has endeared him to many Ugandans.

 Some of Walukagga’s Albums include Tomala Gasoma, Mabebbere, Ekimansa naku, Bamutunda Byaapa, Baakowu and Bwino Wekomera.

In a latest song named AKANYOMONYOMO, the artist hits out at the mess at the Bank of Uganda, the country’s Central Bank.

 In the new song, Walukagga begins by warning against impunity and complacency.

He gives an example of HIV/AIDs. He says that even when mourners are told that the deceased died of HIV/AIDS, some of them will still have sex the same night as if the news of the dead person was nothing to them.

In this song, the artist further highlights a person (Sudhir Ruparelia) who doesn’t forget his assets like a mother can’t forget labour pains of her child.

Referring to a string of BoU officials and their associates that were involved in the controversial closure and liquidation of seven defunct banks,  the artist says people never learn from their mistakes and bad experiences.

Singer Mathias Walukagga

It should be noted that BoU rot was exposed last year following  the Committee of Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (COSASE) probe into the closure defunct banks; Teffe Bank, International Credit Bank Limited, Greenland Bank, Co-operative Bank, National Bank of Commerce (NBC), Global Trust Bank and Crane Bank Limited.

A number officials were cited in the mess including Justine Bagyenda-ex Executive Director Supervision at BoU, former BoU Deputy Governor Dr, Louis Kasekende and  Benedict Ssekabira, the then Director Financial Markets at BoU.

Conflicted lawyers Timothy Masembe and David Mpanga have also featured prominently in BoU messy dealings.

 The artist then builds the theme of impunity and complacency throughout the song warning that if the conduct continues, the  “Emeeri” (Boat) meaning (Bank Of Uganda) will one day sink with both the vessel crew (officials messing the banking sector and the economy) and the population. The singer calls upon the population to act tough on the criminals before the economy sinks but also reminding the criminals that they reside in the same economy they are wrecking and will sink with it one day.

He uses a metaphor of a vessel that carried slaves packed breathless in the dark of the containers then the crew sat on top of the vessel enjoying chicken and beers. The slaves cried loud asking their masters for some food in vain.

They then used nails and a hammer and dug holes into the vessel that started feeling with water and in a minute, the ship sunk.

In summary, the song is a wakeup call to everyone, the population, the government, Parliament and Courts to fight officials wrecking the economy with impunity.


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