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Seasoned Business Administrator Patrick Mugisa To Run For K’la Mayor Seat, Outlines Grand Plan

The ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party Kampala Central division mayoral aspirant, Mr. Patrick Mugisa, has outlined his grand plan and strategy that will change the face of Kampala’s Central Business District (CBD).

Mr. Mugisa, who has previously served as the chairman KCCA lands board- has shown interest in the seat. So, he will be tussling it out with three opponents.

They are; Moses Kataabu (People Power), a one Kyambadde who will stand on FDC ticket and the incumbent Charles Musoke Sserunjoji, an NRM leaning.

Mugisa is expected to win the party internal polls (primaries) later this year since he has endorsement of the NRM elders.

Smart both physically and mentally, Mugisa speaking to this website outlined what he termed as a winning strategy that will transform the city’s outlook and empower citizens.

“This position is not a job, that’s what most previous leaders forget. It is a chance to offer a service to the people. A chance to spearhead development, empower youths and create wealth for the people,” he said.

Mr. Mugisa, who has been a strong movement supporter for over twenty years, further revealed his robust strategy to improve sanitation and hygiene in slams. The master plan is “a clean city.”

He also highlighted his intention to initiate smart partnerships with various developed cities around the world where he has traveled.

One of the major areas he will focus on is markets like St. Balikuddembe and Nakasero which he intends to to improve into world class standards.

“The markets in the CDB need great improvement. They are very strategic and critical in the development of any city around the world. As such we must prioritize our markets such as Owino, Kamwokya, Nakasero and many others,” Mr. Mugisa further said.

He also hinted on plans to fight crime in the city among other projects. He also plans to find a way to improve the city’s drainage system.

This, he further said, will help curb the flooding problem that has disturbed Kampala for ages.

Kampala Central Division is one of the five divisions that make up Kampala.

The division comprises the central business district and includes the areas of Old Kampala, Nakasero and Kololo. These areas are the most upscale business and residential neighborhoods in the city.

The division also incorporates low income neighborhoods including Kamwookya, Kisenyi and Kampala’s Industrial Area.

Mr. Mugisa insisted his main areas of interest will be the low income neighborhoods as major target areas.

And in addition, Mr. Mugisa will benefit the central division with a wealth of experience in the area of smart partnerships that provide for innovations and knowledge sharing. Here this particular division shall partner for example, with more advanced cities in critical sectors of urban management which will facilitate trade and development.


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