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REVEALED! Why Mengo, Dr Kasasa Are Clashing Over Mutungo Land

More details continue to emerge about the clash between Mengo officials and Dr Kasasa Buwule Mukasa over the ownership of the controversial land in Mutungo, a suburb on the outskirts of Kampala.

The woes involving Kampala businessman Dr. Muhammad Buwule Kasasa and the Mengo establishment are not new to many.

Shocking details have emerged about the standoff which has gotten ugly especially as the two parties recently testified before the land probe in Kampala chaired by the Court of Appeal justice Catherine Bamugemerire.

The two parties are disputing over ownership of 639 acres of land at Mutungo in Kampala.

Dr Kasasa who has the tittles now for the last 40 years maintains that the land is his and he bought it well as 3rd buyer after Mutesa sold but Mengo through Buganda’s Prince David Wasajja and Mutesa’s siblings contest his ownership although it’s widely known that Sir Edward Mutesa sold part of his land and that eventually Dr Kasasa bought it.

What Then Is Behind This Mess?

Two relatives close to Dr. Kasasa intimated to our reporter that Dr Kasasa who happens to be the first Muslim Dr in Uganda at one time in the 1960 and 70s lead a youth Muslim group and its activities though were not unlawful were but was not loved/ liked by the Mengo establishment.

The two who preferred not to disclose their names said “ Mengo kingdom from long time does not like Muslims and we are not surprised that Dr. Kasasa has been treated like this.”

They said Dr. Kasasa served both Mengo and the central government after graduating from the university and was well paid.  He also worked for the Canadian government to examine the health of visa applicants in addition to examining pilots.

“Without his certification pilots would not fly planes for some countries and applicants would not be granted visas and basically is role was to ascertain their health status and hence their eligibility,” the two added.

They added that he made the money and invested it well in property and land which he owns including Mutungo and the Buziga property that Mengo land board awarded to Prince Wasajja.  This was after its lease expired but Dr maintains that his file went missing from Mengo and was later told that the property had reverted to the lesser and before long was awarded to Wasajja.

Dr. Kasasa’s property which he lost to Mengo( Prince David Wasajja)  is in  Buziga,  situated at plot number 22  block 273, Buziga Ring Road in Kampala City, according to sources.

History of the Mutungo case

Simon Kizza, Dr Kasasa’s lawyer said that Mengo is wrong to sue government for loss of land and at the same time sue Dr Kasasa for fraud over the same property.

He said Mutesa’s family is seeking for compensation of sh 200BN from government and another for fraud against Dr Kasasa which is case 622 in the High court.

Information at Uganda Land Commission and in the line ministry indicates that Dr. Kasasa bought the land in 1979 from Barclays bank where its title had been mortgaged. Dr Kasasa is said to have purchased this land as 3rd buyer. 

While appearing before Bamugemerire recently, Kasasa revealed that he is in possession and has a certified copy of the transfer which is superior to a sale agreement, holds its land title and has done so for 40 years.

Sources add that his efforts to have the case disposed of by courts have been frustrated by Wasajja lawyers who from time to time lodge applications to delay the dispensation of justice to him.  He also said he has sought audience with all Buganda kingdom prime ministers to peacefully settle the two matters in vain.

A prominent Muslim in Kamapala said that the fact that Dr Kasasa owned the Buziga property and it was taken by Wasajja and they are the same people torturing him on Mutungo land which is well known that Mutesa sold is a clear indication of malice and greed by Mengo.

“eryo tima( that is jealousy or malice) , what else would it be if you torture someone like that but God will rward them right for their malice and greed. what is that Mengo wants, how much land does Mutesa’s family own so that they will pursue Dr over what he painfully paid for?” a source added.

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