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Residents: Boat Capsized After Organizer Refused To Appease gods

Residents of Buzindere Village Mutima beach where MV Templar capsized blame the accident on failure to perform several cultural rituals before the boat started its journey.

Fred Rwigyema, a witch doctor at Buzindere landing site says that the boat capsized because most of the people in the boat were traveling on water for the first time and didn’t perform any rituals.

Rwigyema also says that since there was a member of the royal family, Prince David Kintu Wasajja was on board, there was need for several rituals to be performed on the lake.

According to Rwigyema, travelers to and from the islands are expected to move with animals which include goats and chicken to please the gods if the occupants of the boat are first time travelers.

He also says that a new traveler on Lake Victoria is expected to eat fried coffee beans and drink water directly from the lake if they are to move safely to their final destination.

There are several myths told about traveling and living in island areas. Some of the myths include the taking of spears, long-necked earthen pot and coffee beans for women to dock on specific islands.

For instance, islands including Masirye in Entebbe, Namilyango in Kawuku, Paradise, Mbiru Buziba, Namalusu, Nkose in Mazinga Kalangala and Bubembe, in Bujumba Sub County Kalangala are known to house cultural sites for the “gods” including Mukasa and Wanema shrines. Mukasa is said to be the god of the lake.

Rehema Nagiliinya, one of the residents close to Mutima beach where the boat capsized says, the delay in retrieving bodies from the lake is as a result of failure of the divers to follow the cultural norms.

Nagiliinya explains that the rescue team is not supposed to hand over the bodies to the relatives before the rescue mission is complete.

Nagiliinya also says that mothers, who lost children in the boat accident and their bodies are not yet retrieved from the lake, should go to the lake and perform rituals which include putting their breasts in the lake.


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