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Payment Evolution: Exploring The dfcu Bank And Pesapal Partnership

Faridah Nalubega, the Manager Cards & Money Transfers at dfcu Bank

In today’s fast paced world, there is a need to meet the demand for convenient payment solutions. dfcu Bank has joined forces with Pesapal, a renowned and highly secure payments service provider to usher in a new era of convenience and efficiency for the Bank’s customers.

The collaboration between dfcu Bank and Pesapal will empower businesses and individuals to seamlessly process card and mobile money payments.  Faridah Nalubega, the Manager Cards & Money Transfers at dfcu Bank, shares how this partnership is going to benefit customers.


Q: Could you please tell us about the recent partnership between dfcu Bank and Pesapal?

A: dfcu Bank has partnered with Pesapal, a renowned secure payments service provider. This partnership aims to introduce Merchant Acquiring services that will enable seamless card payments(Visa / Mastercard) and Mobile Money (MTN and Airtel for our bank’s customers. The partnership between dfcu Bank and Pesapal represents a significant step towards expanding digital payment solutions and enhancing electronic payment options for dfcu Bank customers in Uganda.

Q: How will this partnership benefit dfcu Bank customers?

A: Through this collaboration, dfcu Bank customers will gain access to a broader range of electronic payment options by becoming merchants and accepting Card and Mobile Money payments. Customers will have a faster, more convenient, and reliable payment processing.

Q: What benefits will businesses gain from this partnership?

A: Businesses will benefit from the ability to accept and process more electronic payments options from Cardholders(Visa/Mastercard)and Mobile Money wallets( MTN and Airtel).  This will help digitize their Eco system by eliminating the risks of handling cash.

Q: Could you please elaborate on how this partnership addresses the increased demand for digital payment solutions?

A: The demand for digital payment solutions is on the rise. By partnering with Pesapal, we are not only expanding our digital payment capabilities but more importantly offering secure, safe and flexibility payment options to our customers.

This partnership enables them to transact digitally both online and at physical merchant locations. It also broadens the access points that dfcu Bank clients already have.

Q: How does this partnership plan to support businesses in accepting and processing electronic payments?

A: dfcu Bank and Pesapal will collaborate with businesses to set up Point of Sale( POS) services that accept Card and Mobile Money capabilities. payments. We believe that this capability will encourage more businesses to embrace electronic transactions and tap into a new client base that they didn’t have before.

Q: This partnership seems to be part of a broader strategy for dfcu Bank. Can you tell us about other customer-centered solutions you’ve introduced?

A: In addition to this partnership, we’ve introduced several customer-centered solutions over the years. We offer instant self-service loans on our Mobile and Internet Banking solutions; customers can open up digital accounts without coming to the branch and Smart ATMs Recyclers that offer Card and Cardless functionalities.



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