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Pastor Leads Christians To Beat Woman To Death On Orders Of “Holy Spirit”

Police in Oyam are looking for 8 people who are believed to have participated in the murder of Albina Okoi who was tortured to death.

Okoi is a 72-year-old resident of Ajaca A village, Okomo parish Ngai sub county in Oyam district who was “identified by the ‘spirit’ as a witch”.

It’s alleged that on Friday 4th March 2022, a congregation led by Pastor Lawrence Aguga were conducting prayers when the spirit identified and allegedly pointed them to Albina Okoi as someone practicing witchcraft.

The congregation descended on Okoi and forced her to run for a distance of 6kms to the prayer ground while being beaten. The police report indicates that the deceased collapsed and died before reaching the prayer ground.

Jimmy Patrick Okema, the North Kyoga Regional Police Spokes Person confirmed the incident saying the matter was reported to police by the deceased’s son.

“Benedict Arac, 29 yrs old medical personnel and a son to the deceased informed police at Oyam CPS the following day and our team of detectives visited the scene which was documented, relevant statements were recorded. He added that a suspect has been arrested and is in custody at Oyam Central Police Station to support the investigation.

However, 8 other suspects including Lawrence Aguga, the church leader, Patrick Arom, Francis Ebong, Silvesto Akejo, George Otim, Tony Odongo and others only identified as Ongoda and Ocen are on the run.

Okema says efforts are under way to have them apprehended.

Meanwhile, the body has been handed over to the family for burial.


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