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Opposition MPs Boycott Museveni Private Security Meeting

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is currently in a second security meeting with Members of Parliament (MPs) at Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) offices. This is a private meeting where the press isn’t allowed.

However, sources at Parliament say the meeting has been boycotted by many MPs both from the ruling NRM party and opposition.

Below are abridged versions of some MPs’ arguments;

Joseph Ssewungu, Kalungu County West MP

The Rules of Procedure are the ones that govern Parliament. When the President informed us about this meeting, he made the announcement in Parliament. Rule 16 talks about suspension of Rules and there are Rules that can’t be suspended.

Speaker should have constituted Parliament, then we suspend the Rule, so that we listen to the President in silence formally so that everything goes on the Hansard.

Whatever he wants to hide, even as I talk now, even some NRM MPs have stayed away because the meeting is in privacy yet the [details of the] meeting will leak.

So why don’t you allow the press to be there because we are looking for a solution for Uganda and he has been the President for 33years.

If the NRM MPs are beginning to run away because it is privacy, what about me?

He has formed for his own caucus of NRM so he may make me part of his accountability. If it is possible, let them write to the Opposition officially because we even don’t have letters inviting us to that event.

Denis Hamson Obua, Ajuri County MP

Looking at the nine areas of security he raised, I see there are areas that need to be amended to some existing legislation, while there are those that require a new set of legislation.

How are we going to fast-track to ensure that they are tabled before Parliament and handled by the Committee and they are passed into law so that we can activate some of the points he raised?

I think the President’s address is falling within the confines of our vision 2040.

Paul Lutamaguzi Semakula, Nakaseke County South

If you go there, he won’t give you a chance to exchange ideas. So there isn’t anything new.

Allan Ssewanyana, Makindye West MP

First of all, I am not a member of NRM, but MP and when Parliament sits, it sits at its office and if the President wants to ask us questions, he should do it here at Parliament and the records should be straight to the Hansard of what we have talked with the President if issues are to be of national concern so I can’t be in his own caucus.

I think that meeting that was called by NRM members to talk to their chairperson. I don’t think it is worth me attending.

Francis Mwijukye, Buhwenju County MP

Any well meaning Ugandan can’t support that. If you are meeting MPs, you meet them in their hall. Parliament is higher than Judiciary and Executive because we vet their members.  That is why they come to us, not [us] go to them. We are going to set a very bad precedent that we have the integrity of Parliament shielded by the Executive given to it by the Executive.

I am not one of those going to lend my hand of approval to the fusion of Parliament and the executive.

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