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New App To Ease Medical Information Access, Increase Insurance Penetration Launched

SMART ACCESS app officials officially unveiling the new app

A new digital innovation to assist clients, health facilities and insurance companies access information concurrently has been launched in Uganda.

The new technology dubbed SMART ACCESS app, will be easier for patients to search and locate the nearest medical providers at the click of a button.

Speaking at the launch of the new innovation at Sheraton Hotel in Kampala on Wednesday, the Country Manager for Smart Applications International, Judy Mugoya, said that health facilities have had challenges of retrieving medical records of patients.

She noted that with this new technology, the service provider will automatically identify the patient with their unique number and know their medical records.

“What we have done as Smart Access is strengthen and integrate our system into the existing service providers’ system. Once we have done that, the retrieval of medical records will be easy because the information is passed in the two existing systems,” Muyoga said.

The new technological innovation comes at a time when government is promoting medical insurance with low penetration.

Speaking at the same event, Uganda Insurer’s Association (UIA) CEO, Jonan Kisaakye said, although the insurance penetration is still low (below 1%), the life products have been able to grow by 50%- largely without technology.

“The life side growth for some members grew by 50% and we have made it comfortable not to use tech, we have largely remained traditional,” he said, noting that medical insurance penetration will increase with the new app.

“On the supply side, we are shrinking, some of the challenges we have under medical are behavioral and data can help. We will support and sit with Smart Access such that we can be able start working with data,” he added.

The system requires one to have a smart phone and download the App, self-register, receive a code number and the account is registered. It is activated once one visits a hospital which is also using the app.

The virtual mode of medical access is aimed at enhancing patient experiences, providing health care, providing on boarding support to medical insurers and enhancing transparency in health care administration.


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