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Mysterious Tycoon Bryan White’s Source Of Wealth Revealed

Shocking details have emerged of how Kampala’s latest mysterious tycoon, Brian Kirumira aka Brian White acquired his wealth.

A close family source conversant with the pencil thin money bags told us on condition of anonymity that Brian who has since taken Kampala by storm since Ivan Ssemwanga’s passing, did not have to work hard to get wealthy.

“Many people have been wondering how Brian who suddenly appeared on the scene made his money. He actually did not make it,” the source who saw Brain grow revealed yesterday evening.

He added, “The mom got married to some old mzungu in Italy. She took her children with her and apparently that old man loved Brian. At school Brian was very brilliant and so the white or rather his teachers would say He should be white….hence the name Brian White. But the old man passed away and surprisingly, he left his wealth to that boy. The man was in real estate business. So that Brian is now rich through that channel.”

White describes himself as a simple man who cares for Ugandans, especially those that have failed to enjoy life in their own country.

He says youths have been poisoned, especially by politics.

“I want to change the youths’ perception that the government is bad and that it’s the reason they are broke. No government can put money in your pockets if you are not hustling,” he recently told a local daily.

He also revealed that instead of throwing parties, he plans to transform Ugandan youths, giving them – not loaning – a percentage of their budgets if they have well-thought-out project proposals.

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