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Museveni: If You Rape An African Woman, I’ll Kill You

Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has warned rapists that he will terminate them over the evil act.

Museveni made the warning while opening the National Command Centre for the Nationwide Network of CCTV cameras.

“If you rape an African woman, I will kill you because she is my grandmother, mother or daughter. If you don’t have these feelings vacate. The Police are cleaned up of those who don’t feel they are here for Ugandans,” Museveni said.

The police complex is part of the national CCTV project worth over shs400Bn.

Museveni has voiced his opposition to light sentences for rapists and murderers in the past.

On police’s operations aimed at curbing crime, Museveni said;

“All police stations should have accessible telephones 24/7. The officers o duty should be standby. The police stations should have CCTV cameras as well. I need to monitor their response ad how they are doing their work.”

He added, “I don’t know why these people chose to use crime to discredit NRM? That is a wrong battle ground because security is my constituency.”

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