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Mugabe Faces Land Grab Lawsuit

A company belonging to Zimbabwe’s former president Robert Mugabe has been ordered to vacate prime urban land belonging to a private school, or face legal action.

The Mugabe-owned Gushungo Holdings is alleged to have taken over a 23-hectare property in an upmarket suburb in Harare.

The Reformed Church says the land belongs to its Eaglesvale Group of Schools.

The schools’ lawyer Rodney Makausi told the BBC that in 2016 the government had sought compulsory seizure of the land.

The government later withdrew its claim on the land, after the matter went to court.

But Schools Board Chairman Enos Chomutiri says maize was planted on the land late last year, and the school’s billboard was torn down.

He says people who say they are employed by Gushungo Holdings are on the property.

Lawyers have demanded the company vacate the property by the end of the month or face legal action.

It’s not the first time the Mugabes have been accused of taking over property. Previously, the Mugabes have had legal wrangles with poor farmers over gold-rich land, and they have also been accused of seizing part of an international citrus producer’s farm in the same area.


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