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MPs Unanimously Approve Bill Trimming Kadaga’s Influence In Parliament

Former Speaker, Rebecca Kadaga

The 11th Parliament has backed a plan to reduce former Speaker Rebecca Kadaga’s influence in Parliament, by voting to rename the Rebecca Kadaga Institute of Parliamentary Studies.

Anthony Akol (Kilak North) and Sarah Opendi (Tororo DWR), who was Kadaga’s campaigning agent for the Speakership race led the move to end Kadaga’s legacy when they both tabled the Administration of Parliament Amendment Bill 2021 and secondment respectively.

The Bill moves to repeal the Institute of Parliamentary Studies Act 2020 that was  named in honour of former Speaker.

The Bill also moves to amend the Administration of Parliament Act Cap 257 to include Deputy Speaker as member of the Commission.

Unlike the other bills that are sent to sectoral committees for scrutiny, Opendi called for suspension of the rules, arguing that  the contents in the bill are clear and therefore don’t need further scrutiny.

Parliament concurred with Opendi, prompting Deputy Speaker to suspend the rules, breaking the only hurdle that stood in the way to end Kadaga’s legacy.

Within  30 minutes, the MPs approved the bill with no room for debate and at the end, Deputy Speaker applauded the MPs for helping her pass what she termed her maiden legislation.

Although, Leader of Opposition welcomed the passing of legislation, he warned that next time, the movers have to come prepared to justify their bills not rely on appetite to suspend the rules.

Kasule Lumumba, Deputy Prime Minister put Mpuuga to order accusing him of insulting Deputy Speaker Among over remarks that she had a huge appetite to suspend the rules so as to pass the bill in her favour.

However, Mpuuga rebuffed Lumumba’s accusations, saying she is only excited about being back to Parliament after 5year heist when she was Secretary General of NRM.  

In the new legislation, the Institute of Parliamentary Studies has lost its autonomy and will revert back to Parliamentary Service Commission, while Deputy Speaker will now have a seat at the Parliamentary Commission and have a vote on any matters.  

The Bill will now become an act until President Yoweri Museveni assents to it. 

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