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MPs’ Families Risk Losing Out On Pension Benefits Over Missing Bio Data

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga has warned that families of MPs would grapple with processing pension, because of the failure by most MPs to submit data on their families in case of any calamity.

The Speaker made the call during Wednesday’s plenary sitting where she urged MPs to submit to the Parliamentary Pension Scheme details of their families, saying on many occasions, some MPs have died and Parliament doesn’t have contacts of people to communicate to.

 “I received information from the Parliamentary Pension scheme that a number of MPs haven’t updated their data base. It is extremely difficult to work on their pension. We have very many who have provided insufficient information,” Kadaga said.

She added: “I urge all members to ensure that they have all details. If something happens we don’t have anybody to deal with. Help us address it.”

In a related development, Kadaga  also warned MPs from usurping her powers, Clerk to Parliament and Committee Chairpersons to conduct Committee business with Ministries, Departments and Agencies, saying this is a reserve of the three authorities not individual MPs.

Her warning followed a complaint by one undisclosed agency that complained of harassment from one MP who is accused of threatening the Agency, without the knowledge of the Speaker, Clerk and Committee Chairperson.

 “No individual member should take it upon themselves to write to agencies. I am warning you, I will take action,” Kadaga said.


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