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MP In Trouble For Conniving With Investor To Forge Committee Report

Luweero Woman MP, Lillian Nakate, who is also the Chairperson on the Parliamentary Committee on Infrastructure, may be impeached from chairing the Committee after a section of lawmakers accused her of incompetence.

This is after Nakate allegedly left out a number of issues on Committee report on SGS, a company contracted to carry out mandatory inspection of vehicles.

A section of MPs claim that the content of the report presented to Parliament didn’t reflect the decision of committee members; majority of had signed on the minority report, but the Chairperson put them on the majority report. The lawmakers are accusing Nakate of conniving with SGS to enhance their operations.

In her report, Nakate recommended that SGS operations be suspended for a period not less than three months as well as renegotiating the contract for less inspection charges.

This was contrary to the decision by the majority of the members who recommended for the termination of the contract, MPs say.

“We have chosen to sideline the committee Chairperson (Lillian Nakate) for some time (not defined); we can’t allow to be chaired by a chairperson who doesn’t represent the will of the lay man,” James Waluswaka, the Bunyole West MP said.

He added: “We haven’t taken any formal decision to have her suspended but we told her to stay a side for some time as we put our committee to order.”

George Wilson Kumaama Nsamba, the committee Vice Chairperson is currently presiding over the meetings.

A source that preferred anonymity said: “The members accuse Nakate of undermining them to the extent of taking decisions without their input. They later demanded that she steps aside to allow such issues to be resolved first,” the source said.

The source added that the Chairperson is yet to be suspended but members had an in-house meeting to iron out several issues that have irritated them.

The members later called for a second meeting to iron out the matters where most of them wanted Nakate to be pushed out, but didn’t turn up.

She sent them a message saying she was sick, but allowed them to continue with any other committee work in her absence. The source says she since gone ‘missing’, but Committee work has not been interrupted.

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