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Milk Prices Drop In Northern, Midwestern Regions

Prices of milk have dropped in Northern Uganda and Midwestern Regions of the country.

Data from the Dairy Development Authority (DDA) indicates that in Northern Region, a litre of milk is being sold at Shs 1, 345 at farmgate. This is a drop of Shs 155 compared to the previous month. Retail price goes for Shs 2, 000. In the Midwestern Region, farmgate prices are Shs 783 per ltre. This, too, is a drop of Shs 129 in comparison to the month of March 2024. South Western, Central, Eastern and North East continue to enjoy fair prices of milk both at farmgate and retail. For instance, Central Region has an increase of Shs 50 to 1, 150 at farmgate. Retail prices go for Shs 1, 800.

As of December 2022, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Uganda’s annual milk output amounted to 3.2 billion liters. In January 2024, Ugandan media reported than annual milk production in the country had increased to 3.85 billion litres annually.

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