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How Middle East Consultants Financially Transformed Jinja Family

The whole village of Buwenge in Jinja district recently gathered to welcome Middle East Consultants (MEC) bosses led by Managing Director, Gordon Mugyenyi.

This is because one family in the village has been transformed economically in recent years after MEC took its two daughters to Middle East for jobs.

Mugyenyi addressing people of Buwenge

The first daughter was taken to Dubai for free of charge.

Hasifah Basirika, a pancakes maker in Buwenge, Jinja  and mother of the said children says that they were very poor and when she heard about Middle East Consultants, she thought this was an opportunity for her daughter, Halima Nantongo to go for ‘kyeyo’ in Dubai.

However, she didn’t have money but cried out to MEC bosses for help.

“I had never been to Kampala but I traveled to the company’s offices in Muyenya on their directions,” Basirika says, adding: “They took Nantongo to Dubai free of charge. She has been there for three years now.”

She explains that their financial status has significantly improved since their daughters send them some money.

“I also now have cows; I am able to take milk,” she says.

The family can now afford to take milk unlike before

Nantongo’s father, Siraje Kafeero revealed that Nantongo financed her sister, Sharifah Nakafeero to go work in Qatar.

Nantongo’s siblings she is helping pay school fees. Centre is their dad

“She has also been paying school fees for her siblings,” Kafeero says, adding: “She has also bought land worth Shs8m in Buwenge where she plans to set up a school.

The land Nantongo has acquired. She plans to set up a school

Middle East Consultants boss Mugyenyi advised Nantongo to buy more land for expansion of the school project.

He contributed Shs4m towards this cause.

Village Benefits

Mugyenyi said they helped Basirika out of their Corporate Social Responsibility. He said the woman came crying yet she didn’t have any money.

Mugyenyi told the gathering that Basirika will be his ambassador in the area. He also pledged to take 30 youth aged between 22 and 35 for jobs abroad free of charge provided they brought to him only a passport. He said this was aimed at transforming the whole village and the country at large.

For Sheikh Badru Ali Kinigiza, Mugyenyi pledged to take his three children including working on their passports free of charge.

He urges parents to put money sent to them by their children to proper use.

“We have reached consent with parents that if they misuse the money sent to them by their children, we take them to courts of laws,” Mugyenyi says.

He adds: “We have 71 licensed agencies. Look for their addresses and they will help you get a job through rightful means. Together with government, we are fighting human trafficking.”

Mugyenyi was given chicken, a goat, matooke and other food stuffs in appreciation for supporting the family get rid of poverty.

Items the family gave to MEC officials


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