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Middle East Consultants Client Builds School From ‘Kyeyo’ Proceeds

For long, Ugandans have wondered and asked whether those who go to Middle East Countries to seek greener pasture ever find the world greener.

However, Business Focus can authoritatively report that Ugandans are reaping big from their journeys abroad.

One such individual is a one, Zephania Owino Obbo, who has set up a school along Entebbe Road.

Othieno runs business on behalf of his brother, Owino

According to leading labour export company, Middle East Consultants Limited (MECL), the company that facilitated his travel abroad, Owino is now a proud owner of Entebbe International School courtesy of his sweat abroad that was made possible by popular labour agency-MECL.

Julius Othieno, Zephania’s brother reveals that Owino went to Abu Dhabi in 2014 and has exceeding expectations, excelling at his workplace where he serves as a security guard.

“As he works and sends money here, we managed to set up this facility (school). The plan is big. He has set up a strategy of working there for 10 years,” Othieno, who manages his brother’s project says.

He adds: “It is very challenging [setting up a school]; it is capital intensive but we manage everything. You have to face any challenge that comes.”

He also revealed that they have a budget of approximately Shs50m.

The school had seven candidates last year and five of them passed in Division one.

“We are getting more stable and minimizing costs,” Othieno says.

During a recent visit to the school, MEC’s expressed joy over the project set up Obbo and Othieno.

The company’s MD, Gordon Mwesigye reveals that they are making it mandatory to show the world what some of their clients reap from the jobs they do abroad.

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