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Manager Of Top Regional Bank Sacked Over Sexual Harassment Of Interns


A top manager at Kenya based Equity Bank linked to sexual harassment of interns has been replaced after accusations against him were made public in Facebook posts last month.

The manager whose identity was not disclosed is accused of making inappropriate advances towards female interns under the Equity Leaders Programme — which offers internship in the bank branches and scholarships in top global universities.

The bank, through its designate chairman David Ansell in a statement indicated that the manager has been dismissed.

This followed month-long investigations after the interns through social media posts on October 3 made sexual harassment allegations against the manager.

“The Group is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of both the claimants and the accused. This said, the Group has taken necessary measures in line with its policies and procedures, including disciplinary measures, and in some cases termination/separation of employment of certain staff,” a statement signed by Mr Ansell said.

“Furthermore, we confirm that the claimants who presented their concerns have been individually contacted and informed of the outcome of the process, and offered all necessary support.”

Sexual harassment at the workplace was thrust to the global limelight recently after tech giant Google revealed that in the past two years 48 people including 13 senior managers were fired for similar offences.

Google also had to fight accusations that it gave $90 million exit package to Andy Rubin after the then-senior vice president was accused of sexual harassment, sparking workers protests. Equity reckons it will bring on board an external agent to provide staff and interns a channel to report cases of sexual harassment anonymously.

“Sexual harassment/assault in the workplace is totally unacceptable. We at Equity Group have chosen to share our experience openly and raise awareness on this issue of public interest,” Mr Ansell said.

Credit: Business Daily

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