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Macadamia: A New Priority Crop For Uganda That Can Earn Farmers Shs70m From An Acre

Macadamia nuts are tree nuts that have a subtle, butter-like flavour and creamy texture. Originated from Australia, macadamia trees are now grown in various places around the world, such as Brazil, Costa Rica, Hawaii, New Zealand and now in Uganda.

Like most other nuts, Macadamia nuts are rich in nutrients and beneficial plant compounds. They’re also linked to several health benefits including improved digestion, heart health, weight management, and blood sugar control.
In Australia, the crop is taken as gold for it has turned many into living a meaningful life. Globally, macadamia growth has increased by 50% in the past decade, accompanied by strong price growth.

Now Government of Uganda is adding Macadamia on the list of priority crops. This was revealed earlier yesterday by the Minister of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries Vincent Bamulangaki Ssempijja while visiting Macadamia farmers at Nambale Village in Mityana District.

He said a farmer can earn between Shs60-Shs70 million shillings from an acre per year if properly managed.

“We are now looking for partners. We are making it a priority crop and we need farmers who can grow it on a large scale because the market is available Worldwide,” the Minister said.

Minister Ssempijja touring a Macadamia plantation in Mityana

Growing Macadamia

When you are to plant just Macadamia with no other food crops, spacing  is 7.5 by 7.5 feet and you will have 75 trees in an acre.

 Macadamia has two seasons a year that is October to March and from June to August.

Macadamia plantation in Mityana

It takes three years for a Macadamia tree to start giving fruits. It can be intercropped like coffee at early stages which can help you earn money from other crops while waiting for the three years to start harvesting.

Credit: Office Of Agriculture Minister

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22 thoughts on “Macadamia: A New Priority Crop For Uganda That Can Earn Farmers Shs70m From An Acre

  1. Miyingo Timothy

    How do I access macademia seedlings from government.? Coz I would like to plant them.

    • Lilian Mugyema

      I’m interested in farming this crop.
      Is there need for soil Testing for the PH specifically for this crop ?
      How well can it thrive in the cold areas of Kabale,Fortportal

      • Josh

        Yes, soil testing is very important as it tells you deficient nutrients or nutrients in excess in your soil before you plant the trees and will guide you in planning a fertiliser program.

        Macadamia trees can thrive very well in those cold areas of Kabale and Fort Portal because they can withstand freezing temperatures up to -3 Degrees Celcius for short periods.

    • I need to start planting this ASAP

  2. Tugume Barak Modson

    I wish to know more on how to grow this crop
    And contacts to get seedlings

  3. Nangwala Rose Nakwagala

    I want to start growing it as i have the land in Luweero

  4. Lwigale Richard

    I am interested in this can I access the seeds.

  5. Lydia Kirundi

    i am very keen on growing macadamia crop it from planting to harvesting and where do you get market from roughly, how much is one kg? which is dearer, macadamia or vanilla?

    Thank you


    • Lydia Kirundi



    • Josh

      You can learn more about macadamias and even be able to get the seedlings from Amafh farm at Mityana. It would be best to pay a visit and see for yourself then you can do the comparisons with the other crops and arrive at your decision on which one can do best for you.

  6. Katabalwa Vincent

    Am impressed
    Please avail me with the contact person in charge of

  7. Moses engwau

    Please reach me back, I would like to partner to grow these trees. Or provide a contact I can reach.

  8. Syliver

    Can I Access Seedlings Please, I Need To Tap That Mula Gwe eh!

  9. Umar kityo

    Where should do I get the seedlings plz?!

  10. Diane kyukyu

    M interested in growing it in Luweero .Would like to get some seedlings &advice.

  11. Othman Kakaire

    I am in Bugiri Busoga,
    Does Macademia do well in Busoga? Where can I get the grafted seedlings in Busoga

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