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LoP Winnie Trashes M7 Bachwezi Security Speech

Uganda’s Leader of Opposition in Parliament has bashed President Museveni’s speech on national security saying it was necessary to a particular section of Ugandans.

LoP, Winnie Kiiza made these remarks on Thursday during a live twitter chat to assess the performance of the 10th parliament.

“If I am to give my personal assessment is that President Museveni never spoke to anyone. Many Ugandans didn’t want to hear the history that he started with. The ordinary Ugandan who is being killed now doesn’t want to hear the scramble and partition of Africa because it has no sense to him,” Winnie who is also Kasese Woman MP said.

She added, “He even became more irrelevant when he said that since 2007 Uganda has been at peace. He was speaking to Ugandans who are safe and secure but they are having external threat. An ordinary person wants to know, what is the problem. Now this problem, he kept massaging it, they wanted to know, is Kayihura related to the killings? He didn’t even talk anything Kayihura-conveniently. Ugandans wanted to hear him say I am sorry, we haven’t protected you enough. He didn’t speak to anyone, he was speaking to himself. He didn’t tell us, what strategy he has for those guns that aren’t really in the hands of Government. The so many security companies that he has helped establish he didn’t tell us what mechanism he has for them.”

On Wednesday, the president addressed parliament on the country’s current security challenges and outlined a 10 point plan to curb insecurity.

Winnie also commented on the detention of former Inspector General of Police, General Kale Kayihura saying he should answer for his sins but demanded that he be presented in court.

“So if Kayihura is answering his sins individually, let him answer because there is time for everyone to answer. But as human rights defenders, we have asked Government that can you bring him before courts of law. Kayihura has issues to answer, but take him to court, he will not answer in privacy he has to answer in public,” she said before adding, “So each one of us must carry our own burden, don’t think you will mistreat Ugandans and you go away with it.”

He didn’t tell us what mechanism he has for the so many security persons that have been trained taken to Iraq and returned with no jobs, he didn’t tell us what program he has for them.

I didn’t see any correlation between the current situation with the President’s speech.

The proposals he made need a lot of money which money wasn’t provided for in the budget. He didn’t speak to Ugandans who expected them to tell them on what went wrong in the security apparatus that saw security officers start killing people and why the army has remained mute on why they are holding onto Kayihura.

Now they want to set him free maybe, so that they say we never arrested him. But also they will not deceive us that they never arrested him when the man is looking for lawyers.

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