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LoP Winnie Returns Tax Payers’ Age Limit Cash

Uganda’s Leader of Opposition in Parliament (LoP), Winnie Kiiza has returned the Shs29m given to lawmakers to consult on the controversial article 102(b) that seeks the removal of the age limit.

Winnie made this revelation on Thursday morning at her office at parliament. She joins a number of of opposition lawmakers in returning the funds that many in their ranks have described as a ‘bribe.’

Below is her statement posted on her Facebook account

I have this morning returned the twenty nine million shillings that was dispatched to all Legislators for consultations on the Age Limit Amendment Bill 2017.

There was no need to splash tax payers money on a venture meant to benefit an individual. This money can do much more to benefit Ugandans if well planned and dispatched on purpose.

As Ugandans have stood bold to be counted, we continue to say No to Age Limit Amendment Bill 2017.

Together we shall be heard.

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