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Learners Opt For Hands On Skills As Schools Remain Closed

A section of learners in Kampala have resorted to hands-on skills as schools remain closed due to the covid-19 pandemic.

The uncertainty surrounding the reopening of schools has left parents with no option but to identify skills to keep the learners busy.

In some of the workshops visited by URN, there were several learners engaged in welding, tailoring, motor mechanics and carpentry.

Joseph Katamba, a Senior One student from Nsumba Secondary School Kamengo, who was found at Miko Garage, says that her mother decided to bring him to the garage to learn as they wait for the government to reopen schools.

Katamba says he has spent two months in Miko garage and his mother was asked to pay money as fees to facilitate his learning.

Sahib Nsubuga, one of the garage operators, says since the lockdown began they have received parents requesting for placement of their children for learning purposes during the lockdown.

Nsubuga however, notes that due to the working environment, they cannot accommodate a big number due to the covid 19 pandemic and the Standard Operating Procedures-SOPs.

Huzaifa Walakira, a semi-candidate from Lugoba High School, who works at Sserumpanise Welding Workshop, says his decision to join welding was a motivation from his brother.

Walakira also says that his mother wanted something to keep him engaged during the lockdown.

Henry Katende, working with Sserumpanise welding workshop says parents of children above 15 years have approached the workshop requesting to teach their children skills in wielding.

He explains that it requires only six months for one to accomplish skills in welding of windows, doors and other items.

Katende indicates that even when schools reopen they expect the parents to bring back the learners during the holidays to complete the cycle.

Emmanuel Bongerwa, a mechanical engineer in Bwaise, says since the lockdown started they have been approached by several parents asking for a learning opportunity for their children.

He, however, says that some of the learners who were being trained in motor mechanic skills and abandoned the workshop because they were not interested.


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