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Lands Minister Asks Former Naguru Tenants To Accept Shs 17 Million Compensation

Judith Nabakooba, the Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development.

The Minister of Lands, Housing, and Urban Development, Judith Nabakooba has advised former tenants of the Nakawa-Naguru land to accept the compensation money offered by the government.

The tenants rejected a 40.562 Billion compensation offered by the Government which would see each tenant get 17 Million Shillings. They are instead demanding that the money be increased to 50 Million Shillings.

Speaking to journalists on Friday after meeting the Adhoc Committee of Parliament that is investigating the process of distribution of 82.05 acres of Nakawa-Naguru land to different investors, Nabakooba said that the former tenants of Nakawa- Naguru will not be given any extra money in compensation for the land.

She acknowledged that her ministry is already aware of the former tenants and that government promised to compensate them. She however asked that the claimants accept the initial amounts agreed upon.

“If it is 17 million Shillings, then that is what they should stick to because they may want to get more than that because the small amount is not coming through, then what assurance do you have that the bigger amount will come? All I can ask of them is to be patient so that we can have enough time to engage the Ministry of Finance so that money can be found,” said Nabakooba.

On Thursday, Simon Barigo, the Association Chairman said that the amount is way lower than the value of Naguru land and that the matter has dragged on for over 15 years after the government failed to honor its compensation promise.

“The extraordinary meeting of the former tenants which was held on March 13, 2022, resolved that compensation in monetary terms be raised from 17.79 million to 50 million per unit. Failure to pay, the government should give 30 acres of land at Naguru to former tenants to develop it themselves,” said Barigo.

The Adhoc Committee chaired by Kazo County MP, Dan Kimosho earlier questioned Nabakooba about her role in the land and the clashes with the State Minister for Lands, Sam Mayanja.

Nabakooba said that there is no clash between the Ministers.

Kimosho said that his committee will next week meet the former Ministers in the Ministry of Lands before compiling a report for debate in parliament.


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  1. The amount of money for compensation is low.

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