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Kooki Demands Direct Talks With Kabaka Over Misunderstanding

Kooki Chiefdom is demanding for direct talks with the Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II to resolve the hostilities between the two cultural institutions, URN reports.

In a statement issued on Wednesday evening, Iddi Ahmed Kiwanuka, the Kooki Chiefdom Prime Minister, says they want to discuss issues of mutual respect between the two cultural institutions.

Kooki Chiefdom has been at loggerheads with the Mengo based Buganda Kingdom administration for allegedly undermining her sovereignty and Kamuswaga, Apollo Ssansa Kabumbuli II, the Kooki cultural leader for the past five years.

Kooki’s demands for direct talks with Kabaka Mutebi stem from the recent visit of Buganda’s Prime Minister, Charles Peter Mayiga to areas under the jurisdiction of the Chiefdom. Kooki chiefdom protested the visit accusing Mayiga of failing to follow formal procedures and notifying them officially about the visit, saying it is a sign of disrespect of the cultural institution and its leadership.

Kiwanuka accuses Mayiga of deliberately fueling the tension between the two cultural institutions, which calls for the direct intervention of Kabaka Mutebi to restore tranquility.

Kiwanuka says they will not hesitate to arrest Mayiga for trespass should he visit any area under their jurisdiction for official work in disregard of the formal procedures.

Moses Ssengabi, one of the Kooki loyalist, says they disturbed by the rivalry between the two cultural intuitions, saying it is denying them benefits of working together.

Buganda Kingdom has not yet commented on Kooki’s demands.  Efforts by our reporter to speak to Noah Kiyimba, the Spokesperson of Buganda Kingdom were fruitile and he neither picked nor returned calls to his mobile.

However, in his recent address to Lukiiko in Mengo on his visit to Kooki, Mayiga blamed the tension between the two cultural institutions on a few selfish individuals.

About Kooki Chiefdom

Once an independent Kingdom, Kooki became part of Buganda in 1896, through an agreement signed between the then Kamuswaga of Kooki Omukama Edward Kezekia Ndahura and Kabaka Daniel Mwanga of Buganda. At the time, Kooki was seeking protection against external invasion.

Although the agreement made Kooki, an integral part of Buganda, the chiefdom retained a unique status dubbed first class in the text of the agreement. Historical publications indicate that the Kamuswaga was accorded a special seat in Buganda’s parliament (Lukiiko), cultural privileges and a right to preserve cultural autonomy.

However, the chiefdom is demanding a review of the agreement arguing that it’s no longer relevant given the long time that has passed since then.


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