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KLF Coin Pledges To Participate In Uganda’s Economic Transformation

Tech-savvy Ugandans prefer the volatility in concurrency trading, the most popular virtual currency, to their prospects in the continent’s job market.

On Wednesday, KLF Coin held a VIP Dinner at Hotel Africana in Kampala. The VIP Dinner was organised to educate Ugandans about Block-chain Technology and the opportunities that come with it.

KLF Coin Boss, Kim Speaks at the dinner

KLF Coin is a FinTech based Cryptocurrency originating from South Korea but incorporated in Uganda, that is pioneering the widespread adoption of Blockchain Technology worldwide.

Unlike other Cryptocurrencies, KLF Coin is the only cryptocurrency that’s fully incorporated in Uganda with Its initial business back born as KL Standard Finance Co. Limited a Ugandan fully registered FinTech Provider.

Some of the guests who showed up for the dinner

45 million People wake up everyday to earn a living through various ways, minority in good ways and the majority in painful tears due to many economic hardships.

But as they are doing so, much is happening in the world of economics including copious cryptocurrency around the world.

KLF Coin has answered the above questions. “Now is the time to let the Ugandans have their own technology and control their economy in and outside Uganda, as Uganda moves to achieve Social-economic Transformation.”

Uganda is a powerful house of business people thus block chain should become a powerful economic tool for economic empower/ment.

“Our Pre-Sale period is one year and after that, the KLF Coin will be used in payments for Shopping (like Supermarket), Travel (with appointed Agency) and all other related payments,” the company announced on Wednesday.

KLF Coin will be the core cryptocurrency for world Exchange and Money transfer starting with East Africa Countries, Africa as a continent and worldwide.

Masika Apollo, the Bubulo MP, who was the chief guest, and has an experience with coins, encouraged the congregation to invest in the coin.

Masika interacts with Kim

KLF Coin promised to, “…build a first internet based commercial exchange Bank in Uganda. When we build a world exchange centre in Kampala, we shall create over 10,000 Jobs for the people and Uganda will be the FinTech Hub in East Africa.”

9 thoughts on “KLF Coin Pledges To Participate In Uganda’s Economic Transformation

  1. Yusuf kasulane

    Where can I make KlfCoin exchange into Ug.shs ?

  2. Silver byamukama

    Hello, wanted to know. Are your offices open on Saturday?

  3. why it’s hard to access my account of klf? if I need help who can give me information?

  4. I had the programm and i like it

  5. Some body, taught me about klf and I would like to join you but I don’t know ,how

  6. Lugaaaju john

    What is the price lite now?

  7. Where are the office in Kampala ??, where shud I find u if I want to invest

  8. Bonjour ,
    C’est un bon message pour nous qui aimons la cryptomonnaie Klfcoin. J’habite la République Démocratique du Congo et je serai à Kampala la semaine prochaine pour m’inscrire et acheter les pièces Klfcoin. J’aimerais également rencontrer le CEO Kim pour la Représentions de Klfcoin dans mon pays.
    Fraternellement, Jean Paul Nkuba

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