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Kenya: Authorities Seize Contraband Powdered Milk From New Zealand

An operation conducted by the Operations Support Unit (OSU) detectives out to nab cartels selling contraband milk powder has resulted in the seizure of over 32.5 tonnes of the same at a godown located along the Eastern Bypass.

In the sting operation, an unsuspecting known broker in Eastleigh by the name Ali Noor directed an undercover hawkshaw to Kamakis area along Eastern Bypass, after he (officer) posed as a potential buyer.

On arrival, a KBP 480A Mitsubishi truck loaded with an agreed 150 bags each weighing 25Kg arrived. The agreed price was Sh16,500 per bag, translating to Sh2,475,000 in the transaction.

The truck was under the escort of the consignment owner one Joseph Waweru who was driving a Toyota Prado Reg. No. KDN 573V and who is believed to be the main supplier to business people within Nairobi. Other detectives who were stealthily following pounced on the two suspects (Joseph Waweru and Ali Noor) but the youthful truck driver beetled off like a terrified rat.

After interrogation, OSU team managed to trace the godown of the main suspect (Joseph Waweru) which is located at Twin Industrial Park Godowns within Ruai area off Eastern Bypass. Gaining access in the presence of the suspect, they recovered another 1150 bags each weighing 25Kg of milk powder (5brands) and 289 bags each weighing 25Kg of Maize corn starch. Also inside the godown was a truck Reg No. KDG 087Z with 17 empty drums suspected to be used to transport Ethanol.

The brands of the milk powder include: 181 bags branded Fresh Dairy product of Brookside Uganda, 421 bags branded Gardo product of New Zealand, 485 bags of Non Dairy Creamer product of China, 56 bags branded SAMA product of New Zealand, 6 bags branded Lato product of Uganda & 289 bags of maize corn starch product of India.

Suspects remain in custody as further investigations continue.

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