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KCCA Spent Shs100M On Selecting COVID Relief Cash Beneficiaries

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) spent Shs100m in the collecting data and selection of beneficiaries of the COVID-19 relief funds.

The revelation was made by Kabuye Kyofatogabye, the State for KCCA while appearing before Parliament’s Joint Public Accounts Committee (Central and Local Government) that is investigating list of beneficiaries submitted by Government to Parliament.   At least Government gave Shs100,000 to a select vulnerable Ugandans due to the recently lifted 42-day lockdown aimed at containing the spread of COVID-19.

The Minister told the joint Committee that initially, data compilation on the selected categories was based on available data set on food distribution in the first lockdown but that list was dropped and Internal Security Organ (ISO) took charge of the verification process.

“The Town Clerks working with DISO structure identified beneficiaries from the field and forwarded the same to ISO headquarters for verification in excel format. Each Division in Kampala Capital City was allocated administrative cost of Shs20M for data collection and processing,” said Kyofatogabye. Kampala has five Divisions, implying that the Authority spent Shs100m on collecting data alone.

However, MPs tasked KCCA to explain the list ISO used to verify the list submitted by KCCA for verification, because the Authority told Parliament that they had no list of vulnerable people who were the target beneficiaries.

David Luyimbazi, Deputy Executive Director at KCCA denied accusations by Amos Okot (Kole South) that ISO hijacked the Covid relief process, saying ISO provided a second eye to the list provided by KCCA.

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