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World AIDS Day: Ruparelia Foundation Donates Mattresses, Reusable Pads To Children Living With HIV/AIDS

Ruparelia Foundation has today donated scholastic materials to one of the vulnerable children homes in Luzira, Kampala as one way of touching their lives and giving back to the community. This was done as the world commemorated the World AIDs Day that takes place every December 1.

 The donation was done at UCARE international, a non-profit charity organization in Luzira, Kampala.

The organization provides food, housing, clothing, medical care and education to 120 children aged 3-15 years old who are all orphans primarily as a result of HIV/AIDS.

Among the materials donated included 120 mattresses, plates, cups and 3,000 reusable Pads for girls,  among other items.

Gareth Onyango, who represented the Ruparelia Foundation said that the donation is a sign of restoring hope, joy and happiness to the vulnerable children who are the victims of HIV/ADS.

He noted that as the world begins to pick up the pieces and rebuild a strong future amidst the COVID 19 pandemic, children like those under the care of UCARE international need love, compassion and support necessary to continue their own development in their formative years.

“We wish to continue the vision of the Ruparelia Foundation which is to create a positive and transformative change in the community on a simple belief that we can achieve a lot when we work together,” Onyango said.

Officials from Ruparelia Foundation interacting with the children living with HIV

He also advised people to go and test their blood in order to know their HIV/AIDS status such that they know how to live their life better.

Doreen Kabarebe, a city fashion model, who said UCARE international is her home, explained that 70% of the children are HIV/AIDS positive and most of them are orphans.

She thanked Ruparelia Foundation, the charitable arm of the Ruparelia Group of Companies, for showing love to these children saying that such vulnerable children need love from people which gives them hope for tomorrow.

Kabarebe also noted that being HIV/AIDS positive does not mean the end of life, adding that its ones responsibility to take drugs in order to continue living.

She further urged those who are HIV/AIDS negative to continue protecting themselves from the virus and called upon children to abstain from sex.

The over excited children were then treated to live performance from their fellow young star, Felistar Di Super Star amidst ululations.

The children were entertained after the donation

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