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Kayihura ‘Feared Poisoned, Flown Out For Treatment’

Uganda’s Inspector General of Police (IGP) absence from three major public events has sparked speculation about his health – at a time when the police is receiving criticism for alleged torture of suspects in their custody.

IGP General Kale Kayihura was absent from the State of the Nation Address, the Budget Speech and the country’s Heroes Day celebrations held on Friday. All three events happened last week
No official explanation has been given in the East African nation for Kayihura’s absence from the public events.

He is previously reported to have developed health problems while visiting the dreaded Nalufenya Police facility in Jinja district, east of the capital Kampala.

Over the weekend, social media was awash with rumors that the IGP fell ill while visiting the facility with many claiming he was hit by stroke and that his ability to speak has been curtailed. Business Focus cannot confirm these reports.

Some claim the IGP could have been poisoned.

A local tabloid claims Kayihura has been airlifted to India for specialized treatment though other reports indicate that he is in Turkey. Official communication indicates that the IGP traveled to Turkey on official duties.

Sources in police say the IGP has been overloaded with work, something that could have kept him out of the public eye in the last two weeks.

Last Thursday, a Facebook in his names, “General Edward Kale Kayihura” posted pictures of a new hospital built with the help of Iran.

“The Iran-Uganda Medical Center is ready and will soon be open to both police and the general public as a private hospital that will provide quality and affordable medical services. Police donated it’s land for this project in return for low cost (Subsidised Cost) medical access for police officers and their families. This is part of our commitment to improve the welfare of the men and women in uniform and their families.”

Reports indicate that the General does not run the account himself but uses the services of ‘Ghost Facebookers”

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