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Karooro Attributes Museveni’s Stay In Power, Uganda’s Devt To Janet’s Love For God

The Minister of General Duties-Office of the Prime Minister, Mary Busingye Karooro Okurut has attributed Uganda’s development to President Yoweri Museveni and his wife, Janet’s love for God, revealing that the couple’s strong relationship with God is what has sustained their stay in power.

Karooro made the remarks today while representing First Lady at the Women’s Forum of the National Prayer Breakfast held at Pearl of Africa Hotel.

The Minister said that although the President on some occasions speaks of having been a member of scripture union and left the organisation, he is an ardent reader of the bible, an indication that he is on a good course to lead Uganda.

 “One of the reason we have come this far is because of that God fearing couple at the helm. Every time he (Museveni) is giving a speech, he quotes the bible. When you have somebody who gives testimony, then you are at the right course,” Karooro said.

She added: “She is resilient, she is calm, as cool as cucumber; you never see her raffle. She has walked the talk of salvation. She has stood in the gap for women of Uganda in more ways. Their (President and First Lady) character will pass the test of time.”

 Karooro also commended Speaker Rebecca Kadaga for always standing her ground.

“Whoever says anything negative about you, that person is carrying demon in her heart. At the end of everything, you always do the right thing, even if it is hard,” she said.

In the speech read by Karooro, First Lady Janet said that although women have registered some progress, it has been attained at a slow pace and the effort to finally break these barriers must come from women, saying it was about time women gave themselves the final push in attaining the desirable level of development.

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga expressed concern about the growing number of non-school going children in the country and predicts that if not checked, these youngsters pose a security threat to the country in the near future.

 “I don’t know letters you receive on requests to pay fees, but I receive many. Education in this country is very expensive. Government has been borrowing for roads, electricity but couldn’t find Shs5bn as loans to students pursuing higher education. It is an indictment on us that we didn’t get money,” Kadaga said, wondering whether Uganda is indeed planning for the future.

 “These children are going to become source of violence in this country. There are things we aren’t doing right. The more they get crazier, they will be danger to this country. You need time and focus, we need to find time and focus how children are progressing in character. We need to do our work take time to do our work,” she added.

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