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Kadaga Suspends House After Army Invades Parliament

Uganda’s Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has Tuesday suspended the House after the army allegedly took over Parliament.

This was after Lucy Akello, the Amuru Woman MP that soldiers had invaded Parliament’s Catholic Chapel.

“Why are soldiers invading our places of worship? I am not happy with what is happening. Why do we pretend?” the lawmaker asked.

Solomon Silwanyi, Bukooli Central MP, also rose to the floor of Parliament asking: “It is true there were soldiers there and they were praying?”

This prompted Kadaga to suspend the House to ascertain the truth.

“I have suspended the House so that we establish the allegations,” Kadaga said. All this happened as MPs were debating the report on the Constitution Amendment (NO2) Bill 2017 that seeks to repeal article 102 (b) of the 1995 Constitution by removing the upper and lower age limits for candidates standing for President.

Reports from Parliament indicate that chaotic scenes are beginning to manifest. Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah body guard has been undressed through a scuffle.

Meanwhile, Opposition MPs are chasing Police out of Parliament chambers. The Opposition have also confiscated plates the army was using for eating and they have taken them inside Parliament as evidence.

Buyaga West MP Barnabas Tinkasimire and Masaka Municipality MP, Mathias Mpuuga are leading evidence gathering.

The Opposition allege that they found egg shells and bottles of urine which they claim the army was using because they didn’t have a toilet.






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