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Kadaga Sets New Conditions For Parliament Police

Uganda’s Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga has set fresh terms for Parliament Police so as to keep the August House safe.

Speaking on the floor of Parliament on Tuesday, Kadaga said there is an access to the fourth floor of the Parliament building which comes from the Office of the President and someone can enter Parliament without going through security check.

“It has been established that someone can move from the Office of the President, reach the lobby without going through the security check. This poses a danger to the premises. I am now instructing the Sergeant at arms to seal that place on the Parliament side,” Kadaga said.

She added: “I am further instructing that all staff of Parliament Police must hence forth wear uniform and they must have name tags. So I am also directing the clerks to ensure that the names and the ranks deployed at Parliament are submitted in writing to the Speaker.

Parliament is a civilian institution; all other security organs if they are here should withdraw and go to where they are supposed to go.”


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