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Judiciary Seeks Shs 392 Bn For Next Financial Year

The Judiciary is seeking 392.5 billion shillings for the coming financial Year 2023/2024.

The Permanent Secretary to the Judiciary Dr. Pius Bigirimana says the estimates will increase by 10.5 billion shillings from this financial year’s budget of 381 Billion Shillings.

He says that part of the money will cater to monthly retirement benefits for the Judicial officers.

Following the enactment of the Administration of Judiciary Act of 2020, the Judicial officers are entitled to several retirement benefits including earning salaries, chauffeur-driven vehicles, and houses among others depending on their ranks in the Judiciary.

Addressing a press conference on Wednesday, Bigirimana said that 108 billion Shillings will cater for wages, 220 billion Shillings for non-wages and 63 billion Shillings will go for development.

He said that the judiciary will in the next financial year also prioritize the construction and renovation of courts, purchase 65 vehicles for judicial officers, and enhance the use of technology by acquiring a judgment writing tool for the Judicial officers to reduce case backlog.

Others he said include a subscription to an online Legal Research Database for the judicial officers, promotion of Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms, and provision of alternative sources of power.

According to Bigirimana, there are also plans to install solar power systems in 10 Magistrates Courts namely; Kiryandongo, Kiruhura, Butambala, Budaka, Patongo, Pader, Mayuge, Karenga, Nabilatuk, and Napak.

He said that courts require an uninterrupted power supply and the frequent unreliable power supply in most parts of the country hampers the use of video conferencing to hear cases.

Bigirimana also revealed that they are looking for 1.6 billion Shillings to armor five vehicles for judicial officers. He explains that the vehicles were assessed by security personnel who directed that they are armored following security concerns.

Bigirimana also revealed that the current Supreme Court premises in Wandegeya are being rented at 3.2 billion Shillings annually.

He said that 56 other courts are in rented premises while 77 are housed in the district and Sub-county building facilities most of which were constructed decades ago and their designs are old and dilapidated.


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