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I&M Bank Replaces Old ATM Cards With Mastercards

I&M Bank officials in a group photo. The bank has phased out the old Orient Bank-branded Visa debit cards

I&M Bank Uganda has reaffirmed its aspiration to become Uganda’s leading financial partner for growth, announcing the phasing out of the old Orient Bank-branded Visa debit cards. The bank’s customers will now exclusively use Mastercards.

In recent months, I&M Bank Uganda has urged its customers to upgrade to the new and improved I&M Bank Mastercards by February 1, since its new banking system will not be able to support the Visa debit cards which customers used previously.

“We are on course to offer the best and most convenient banking services and experience to our customers. Our recent partnership with Mastercard birthed a range of new and amazing I&M Bank Mastercard products. The I&M Bank Mastercards will offer seamless payment solutions. We encourage our customers to embrace the recarding process, in order to enjoy more convenient yet secure banking that comes with various benefits,” said I&M Bank CEO- Robin Bairstow.

The issuing of the new I&M Bank Mastercards has been ongoing, and according to Annette Nakiyaga, I&M Bank’s Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications, the exercise has been overwhelmingly embraced by the bank’s customers.

“We are grateful that most of our customers have embraced our re-carding call with great positivity. We are inviting all our customers that have not yet upgraded to the new I&M Bank Mastercards, to visit any of our branches and join us on this transformative journey. The replacement process is quick, and the customer will receive their cards instantly. The old cards will cease to be functional effective 1 February 2024.




“The new cards can be activated using the I&M Bank USSD Service, the I&M Bank mobile banking application- Fastpay, as well as using the different ATM locations. Please visit our website for a step-by-step guide,” Nakiyaga explained.

She expressed gratitude to the bank’s customers for exercising patience for the past two years, as I&M Bank worked out the best ATM card system for them.

The I&M Bank Mastercard is designed to facilitate payment for daily expenditures, both locally and overseas, without the risk and inconvenience of carrying cash, as well as conveniently accessing cash from ATMs.

Other benefits include complimentary travel insurance for the Schengen visa, access to select airport lounges, discounts on air tickets, attractive discounts at participating hotels worldwide, as well as flexible payment terms and cancellation policy on hotel bookings.

Locally, one is guaranteed offers and discounts at Serena Group of Hotels and Golf Resort Spa, city properties and luxury lodges, Kampala Serena Hotel- Maisha Spa, a 25% cashback on Jumia Prime annual subscription, and a 75% scholarship off program tuition fees to eligible candidates with UNICAF partner universities.


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