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VP Alupo Lauds Huawei Uganda For ICT Talent Dev’t In Teso Sub-region As 1,000 Locals Gain Digital Skills

VP Jessica Alupo and Huawei  officials in a group photo with the graduands

The tech giants Huawei Technologies DigiTruck project in Teso Sub-region has equipped over 1000 youth, women, Jua-kalis, local district officers etc. with digital skills to enable them engage in e-commerce and market their produce since October 2023 when this project was launched in the region and successfully completed in January 2024. All the 11 districts in the Teso sub-region have been covered with a total of 1,139 beneficiaries equipped with ICT skills ready to use them to improve their own lives. In Teso sub-region Soroti University is one of the Huawei ICT Academies in Uganda more so in the Huawei ICT competitions, Soroti university students excelled in the national finals and will proceed the to regional finals in South Africa. The Huawei DigiTruck, Huawei ICT Academy and Huawei ICT Competitions are all part of the Huawei ICT Talent Development program.

The Uganda Digi Truck project is aligned with the country’s 2040 vision, National Development Plan, and Education Digital Agenda Strategy all aimed at transforming the East African state into a digital village.

The Chief Guest H.E Jessica Alupo started with congratulating the graduands upon completing these courses through the DigiTruck program. She mentioned that the Government of Uganda values the youth very much and reminds them about the National Youth Policy which gets amended at least every 10 years to capture any areas that might have changed. This is also an indication that the youth are very important in the development of Uganda as a nation therefore urging them to use the ICT skills acquired to improve on the livelihoods of themselves and their communities.

The Vice President of Uganda requested the Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development to provide some ICT equipment for the youth who have been equipped with these skills so that they can practice constantly and to include sensitization programs for them.

H.E Jessica Alupo lauded Huawei Uganda for introducing ICT Talent Development to Teso sub-region. She concluded, “I would like to thank the team from Huawei Uganda for ensuring that the skills from the Huawei ICT Talent Development program like DigiTruck program reach the over 1100 beneficiaries in the 11 districts in this sub-region.”

Jessica Alupo giving her speech

Hon. Rose Lilly Akello, the Minister of State for Ethics and Integrity “I want to thank Huawei for giving support to the people of Uganda through ICT skilling under its ICT Talent Development programs, we really appreciate this program of the Huawei DigiTruck.”

Hon. Rose proceeded with a message for the youth in these words, “whatever skill or talent you have got from this program, please use it well, do not use these skills recklessly. Tomorrow, you will be leaders of this nation, let us use the skills to develop ourselves and the society.”

Mr. Hillary Businge who spoke on behalf of Mr. Kibenge the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development in his remarks stated, “Today, we witness the genesis of a transformative journey with Huawei Uganda as we award the DigiTruck beneficiaries of Teso sub-region.”  He also congratulated the graduates from Teso sub-region for such a milestone as they are the reason everyone present was gathered in one place to celebrate the beneficiaries.

He continues in the remarks that, “…this symbolizes our collective determination to ensure that no one is left behind in harnessing prosperity during this digital era.”

In his speech, he concluded by extending gratitude to Huawei Technologies Uganda for their invaluable support and dedication toward this endeavor. Adding to his conclusion, he added that Huawei’s expertise and resources have been very instrumental in making this project a reality.

Huawei Uganda’s Subsidiary Board Director, Mr. Yi Junsong Jason stated that the DigiTruck project is part of Huawei TECH4ALL initiative which aims to drive digital inclusion and sustainability across the globe.

“The DigiTruck has trained 1,139 Ugandans from Teso sub-region which is almost double the pre-planned numbers of 600 beneficiaries from the sub-region, all thanks to H.E Jessica Alupo and the local leadership of the Teso sub-region who worked together with us closely to ensure 11 districts in Teso are completed by this month.”

Huawei Uganda’s Subsidiary Board Director, Yi Junsong Jason making his remarks

Mr. Jason says, “we hope that the beneficiaries from this cohort can use these skills to improve livelihoods and that society of the Teso sub-region.”

Mr. Jason concluded by thanking the Guest of Honor who is the Vice President of Uganda H.E Jessica Alupo for her continuous support towards such developmental activities to the people of Teso and Uganda at large. He also appreciated the partnership with the Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development and the local leadership in Teso subregion towards supporting this good cause.

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