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Huawei ICT Academy of Uganda launches Free Online Courses Open To Everyone

Oling John Peter Huawei Certified instructor conducting one of the previous classes in Data Com

Huawei ICT Academy of Uganda has today launched a new series of free online courses open to anyone interested in building an ICT career with internationally recognized certifications. The courses can be accessed via Huawei’s e-learning portal with no minimum education requirements for successful enrollment.

Similar to the existing Huawei ICT Academy curriculum that has been in existence for over 3 years in Uganda at public universities like Makerere University, MUBS, Gulu, Muni, Kyambogo and many others. The new courses are free to all registered learners and come with a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

According to Huawei Uganda, the new courses can be accessed online and will be instructor-led in order to simulate the best in-classroom conditions for all students no matter their education level. Upon completion of any course, students will be able to certify for an internationally recognized certificate under the Huawei Certified ICT Associate (HCIA) suite.

Among the courses that will be led by instructors from Uganda’s top universities include Cloud Computing, ICT Security, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN), 5G, Cloud services, Data Communications, Big Data, and Data Center Facility Management.

However, the courses require initial registration for all students in order to provide a paced environment and access to course schedules. Also, online classes will start on 3rd May 2021 and end on 24th June 2021 with early registration as a key to early enrollment to the available schedule for all HCIA courses.

Course NameStart dateEnd dateMorning ClassEvening ClassRegistration link (google form)
HCIA Cloud Computing3rd-May-202114th-May-20218:30am – 12:30pm5 – 9pmhttps://forms.gle/kqjgeXDgSp6aVWj99
HCIA Security v3.03rd-May-202114th-May-20219am – 12pm5 – 9pmhttps://forms.gle/iUxUrav4gYQyeFBw5
HCIA AI v3.03rd-May-202114th-May-20219am – 13pm5 – 8pmhttps://forms.gle/1YcK4rkY9GmP5x6n7
HCIA IoT v2.53rd-May-202115th-May-20219am – 12pm6 – 9pmhttps://forms.gle/5mRSuXTdCtBWhmpy6
HCIA Wlan V2.03rd-May-202114th-May-2021none6pm to 9pmhttps://forms.gle/pEz1gaQyxRKYKpFi7
HCIA Cloud Computing24th-May-20214th-June-20218:30 am to 12:30pm5pm to 9pmhttps://forms.gle/QQBcSbHC4SxToXnx8
HCIA Security v3.024th-May-20214th-June-20219am to 12pm5pm to 9pmhttps://forms.gle/wygZtTiFWU7xUm449
HCIA 5G24th-May-20214th-June-20219am to 13pm5pm to 8pmhttps://forms.gle/uMUkXyJwF8MeE8Sp6
HCIA Wlan V2.024th-May-20214th-June-2021none6pm to 9pmhttps://forms.gle/MCYajpC8Cj4JNhu6A
HCIA Cloud Service24th-May-20215th-June-20219am to 12 noonnonehttps://forms.gle/zsxAatFZs157JqAG8
HCIA Datacom24th-May-20215th-June-2021none6pm to 9pmhttps://forms.gle/1PvE4mo7mXBsEa8TA
HCIA Data Center Facility7th-June-202118th-June-20219am to 13pm5pm to 8pmhttps://forms.gle/f6Tmhvf2DD5JVWbq7
HCIA Bigdata14th-June-202126th-June-20219am to 12 noon6pm to 9pmhttps://forms.gle/5TTGGcqcPj42qJ1d9

In a bid to favor learner schedules, all courses have morning and evening sessions from which students can choose from. Additionally, all sessions are instructor-led with every class involving live interactive sessions between students and lecturers.

However, in order to enroll in any given course, a student must sign up through the respective course’s registration link for fast approval, enrollment, and gain instant access to the course program as uploaded by the respective instructors.

During a course’s duration, students will have access to e-learning materials and live simulators like virtual routers, switches, network masts, and servers. Upon completion of a course, students will be able to certify under the HCIA certification system for internationally recognized certificates similar to those offered by Amazon, Cisco, Juniper, Microsoft, Google, and the Linux Professional Institute.

With no education background limitations, any Ugandan citizen or student can apply for enrollment into any of the listed free Huawei courses, and upon approval, no physical meetings with instructors will be required for all students, but instead, a stable internet connection will be necessary to attend all virtual classes from 3rd May – 24th June 2021.

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