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How To Get Paid While Traveling

There are people who have such an unrivalled passion for traveling and seeing the world that if you asked them to drop whatever they are doing and go to another country, they will do so with enthusiasm.

These very people will traverse the globe, going where the tide leads them because they are courageous enough to do this. Traveling the world is not all fun and games though; you need money to feed, clothe and definitely get you the necessary shelter.

So, how do you do this while traveling and do not have a job?

Become An Air Hostess

It might not be as fun as it looks, but after all the working they get free travel benefits for them and their family. They get to see different places all over the world even if they stop by for a few hours. It is worth getting a not so regular 9-5 and is aligned to your passion for traveling.

Teach English

There are several foreign countries that need temporary English teachers and are always looking to hire someone that is good and the pay is usually good to easily live off as you take an adventure through your new temporary home in the meantime.

Destination Wedding Photography

There are couples getting married almost every weekend and they will need a well skilled photographer to travel with them to wherever the location is.

This will require you to actually be good at photography and artistic impression; you will also need expensive photography equipment.

The fees you are paid always cater for your travel, food and sometimes board making it easy for you to see new things while on the job.

Work On a Cruise Ship

They might be very rare in Uganda since it is a landlocked county, but there are several ferries and yachts that host parties and also take people to the islands for weekends; you can utilise the opportunities to feed your passion for travel.

If that does not work for you, you can also apply to the cruise ships that dock next door in Kenya or Tanzania at the shores of the ocean for shops on board that will help you travel several countries while making money.

Monetize Your Travel Blog

It might seem a bit too hard but several companies are always looking for fresh sites that can redirect traffic to their own websites through clicks and you can take advantage of this and work it in your favour.

The companies would be willing to partner with you in advertising and sponsoring your blog if you give them substantial evidence on what they will get in turn.

Make sure you collaborate with those that are in the same field as you are, so that you can have articles about your travels that easily relate to their product and brand.

Au Pair Services

An Au Pair is a nanny who comes in as an extra pair of hands that most wealthy families take along with them on their travels to help out with their children whenever they go to foreign countries.

You do not have to learn the foreign language because most families want an English speaking and in return you get to travel, pocket money plus full board wherever they will be going.

Research For Travel Guidebooks

It might sound like a vacation but travel guide book researchers work long hours with short deadlines to meet, whilst being paid very little.

On the sun side, you get to travel to several destinations in the world, learning new things as well as making a living for yourself.

Travel Agencies

Every once in a while travel agencies will need new information about different exotic locales they would want to add to their databases, by sending someone on their teams to check and verify the situation in those countries.

What better way to discover new places that you just used to hear about while being paid for it?

Peace Corps

If you are willing to be far away from your family and sometimes in a very remote place with no internet or cell phone service, the Peace Corps will do just fine.

You might have to really think about it before you do but once you do, you will be able to enjoy your new adventures, meeting new friends at the same time making a difference in the world.

The corps will pay for your travel/ living allowances and sometimes they help with your student loans.

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