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How Qatar ‘Kyeyo’ Has Made Nalubega A Landlady

Hadijah Nalubega, 30, never imagined she would one day become a landlady given the fact that her job in Uganda wasn’t satisfying.

However, after securing a job in Qatar through Middle East Consultants, a labour exporting agency licensed by the government in 2014, Nalubega is closer to becoming a landlady.

She is setting up rentals in Matuga along Bombo road.

Nalubega’s rentals will boost her income upon completion

Mayimuna Bukenya, a sister to Nalubega and now Managing the project on her behalf, says when Nalubega returned for vacation after two years in 2016, she decided to invest her hard-earned money in rentals before going back in January 2017.
“They are three rentals; two are two bed roomed-self contained and the other is double, but also self contained. The house is now at wall plate (beam) level,” Bukenya says, adding that Nalubega went back to Qatar to work and raise money for iron sheets.

Nalubega’s mother, Hajjat Zamu Bukenya is excited that her daughter is progressing economically.

Mayimuna (L) and her mum at Nulubega’s rentals that are under construction

“I am happy my children are cooperating well because we have seen stories of children sending money to their relatives for development, but it is misused,” she says of the good working relationship between Nalubega and Mayimuna.

Nalubega On Working In Qatar

Nalubega, a graduate of Information Technology from Makerere University says she sought a job a broad because the job she had wasn’t the best.

“I had bigger plans, but the job I had wasn’t well paying. One day I learnt about Middle East Consultants and told my mum about it. I tendered in my application as a sales lady in Americana Food Company,” Nalubega says in an exclusive interview with Business Focus, adding that after a few days she was called for interviews.

“I was then called to pick up my Visa and got my air ticket to Qatar,” she says.

Asked about how life is in Qatar, Nalubega said: “Life is good because we live basing on Qatar laws; each person has equal rights, so there is no human trafficking like in other Arab States such as Oman.”

Nalubega on duty in Qatar

She adds that they move freely and work as per the signed contract.

“Generally, Qatar is my second home after Uganda. I don’t regret the decision I made,” she says.

Middle East Consultants’ Helping Hand

Gordon Mugyenyi, the Managing Director at Middle East Consultants, a Muyenga based company, says he is happy to see Ugandans connected to jobs abroad progressing well.

He reveals that the company is supportive to Ugandans it has connected to jobs abroad. For example, Mugyenyi recently handed over Shs1.5m (worth 50 bags of cement) to Nalubega’s mother and sister to help her in completing her project of rentals.

Middle East Consultants boss, Gordon Mugyenyi donated Shs1.5m towards the completion of Nalubega’s rentals

“At Middle East, we don’t just neglect our children (clients). We always support them in every way possible.  When the rentals are complete,  Hadijah can be able to earn Shs1.5m per month in rent fees,” Mugyenyi says, adding that they will also help in painting the house once it is complete.

Nalubega says her rentals are expected to be complete early next year, a development that will see her start earning from her sweat.

Mugyenyi advises Ugandans working abroad to appoint honest managers manage their projects back home. He says some parents and relatives have disappointed their children by misusing the money they send back home for development purposes.

“We encourage our children (Ugandans working abroad) to work hard. I also urge Ugandans who are jobless or want better pay not to hesitate to seek green pastures abroad. We are ready to help connect them,” he says.

Nalubega’s Advice

“I recommend all youth who are jobless but have potential go abroad to work to do so because Uganda is tough when you don’t have any source of income,” she says, urging labour exporting agencies to charge less fees “because some youth can’t afford it.”

Taddewo William Senyonyi
William is a seasoned business and finance journalist. He is also an agripreneur and a coffee enthusiast.

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