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How Much Liverpool Have Earned In Prize Money From Champions League Victory

Liverpool beat Tottenham 2-0 in Madrid on Saturday night to claim their sixth European Cup s

Bottom of Form

Liverpool are champions of Europe for a sixth time following their victory over Tottenham in Madrid.

The Reds came out on top in a disappointing final thanks to goals from Mohamed Salah and Divock Origi.

The celebrations continued long into the night with Jurgen Klopp hailing the success as the best moment of his career.

Liverpool’s victory will also provide a significant boost to the Anfield coffers due to the prize money on offer in the Champions League.

Klopp’s men will earn just under £17million (UShs80.7 billion) for lifting the trophy – adding to the total they have already received over the course of the competition.

It is expected, the Reds will receive around £66m (UShs313.5 billion) in prize money for winning the Champions League.

Champions League sides share a prize fund of £1.73bn (UShs8.2 trillion). The group stage is worth around £13.2m (UShs62.7 billion), with performance bonuses also paid out for each match that is won or lost.

A further £8.2m (UShs38.9 billion) is earned by reaching the last-16, £9m (42.7 billion) for getting to the quarter-finals and £10.3m (UShs48.9 billion) for making the last four.

Liverpool and Tottenham both guaranteed themselves £12.9m (UShs61.29 billion) by reaching the Champions League final.

That total doesn’t include their split of the £260m (UShs1.23 trillion) market pool for TV revenue, or the co-efficient shares, which is dependent on their 10-year performance ranking.

It is estimated both Liverpool and Tottenham will earn £31m (UShs147.3 billion) from TV revenue after reaching the final.

And that means the Anfield giants will be coming away with around £97.5m (UShs463.3 billion) from winning the competition this season.

Tottenham fans shouldn’t despair too much, their total prize money is only around £1m less than their Premier League rivals.

-The Mirror

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