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Gov’t Plans To Introduce Subsidies On Fertilizers – Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni arriving at the Masaka Liberation grounds on Tuesday at part of his tour in the area

Government is considering introducing a subsidy on fertilizers to support the growth of the agricultural sector by enabling farmers to increase their productivity, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has revealed.

Speaking at a public rally at Masaka liberation square on Wednesday, as part of his monitoring tours of government wealth creation programs in the greater Masaka sub region, the President indicated that he is going initiate discussion in  cabinet for the possibility of considering subsidies on fertilizers.

He made the remarks in response to an outcry by John Kakande, a coffee farmer from Kyannamukaka Sub County in Masaka district, who highlighted the high cost of fertilizers and counterfeit farm inputs as the major impediment to farmers.

According to him, many farmers across the country would be making reasonable earnings from agriculture but their efforts are being frustrated by unaffordable fertilizers; which are essential in boosting farm productivity and hence maximizing earnings.

Kakande argues that apparently, the farmers are incurring very high costs of production in their farms, which squeezes the margin between the financial investment and the income earned from their farms.

He says many farmers would not even demand the government’s direct financial support if they can get standard and affordable fertilizers and other inputs on the local market.

President Museveni noted that in addition to providing irrigation equipment to various organized farmers’ groups, he is going to present a proposal of introducing subsidies on fertilizers to make them affordable to farmers, as one of the ways to support the growth of the agricultural sector, which contributors a lot to the improvement of household incomes.

On the other hand, President Museveni warned against any interference that may frustrate his idea of providing free vocational training programs for the underprivileged youths, through the industrial hubs and skilling centers constructed in the different parts of the country.

Through the Presidential Jobs Creation and Youth Skilling Initiative, the government as in the recent past constructed 19 regional training hubs in different parts of the country, to offer free youth-tailored vocational training courses running for six months.

During his inspection of the greater Masaka Masaka Industrial Hub at Bugabira ward in Masaka City, President Museveni warned that will not compromise with anything that frustrates his idea which he says targets to empower the youth from less advantaged families.


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