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FULL LIST: 2018 Taxpayers’ Appreciation Award Winners

The Taxpayers’ Appreciation Week 2018 ended successfully Friday evening at Kololo Independence Grounds, with the awards gala.

Below are the various awards categories and winners;



The CG’s Award focuses on partnerships. It recognizes associates whose partnerships with URA have had a significant impact on the success of URA operations as well as that of its clients during the year. These partnerships stretch from participation in tax sensitization drives to the direct involvement of URA operations. Under this category, URA recognised the following;

  1. Salt Media – Winner

Soft Power – Runner up

  1. Strategic Professional Body:



  1. Strategic MDA – The Judiciary



The URA Vantage award recognizes eight compliant taxpayers countrywide by looking at the four country regions namely the Central, Western, Northern and Eastern.  They are termed as the ‘Taxation’s Rising Star’ under the small Taxpayers’ and Medium Taxpayer’s.

The persons that  received this award have exhibited a high degree of compliance in ensuring timely filing of returns, payment of tax, consistent revenue growth, have provided employment to many Ugandans and are responsive to URA initiatives.


URA presented the first four candidates in the individual category as follow;


  • Eastern region the runner up was Mr. John Patrick Mwesige and the winner was Mr. Tibalira Martin.


  • Western Region the runner up was Mr. Sulait Musinguzi and the winner is was Mr. Alikanjero Kushemererwa.


  • Central Region, the runner up was Mr. Charles Lubega and the winner was Mr. Virani Amin.


  • Northern Region, the runner up was Mr. Godfrey Kizito and the winner was Mr. Willy Oloya.


URA also presented the second four candidates in the non-individual category


  • Eastern region the runner up was WAMAQ GROUP (U) LTD and the winner was WORLD EDUCATION INC.


  • Western Region the runner up was KASHARI INVESTMENTS and MBARARA COSMETICS STORES LTD emerged the winner.


  • Central Region, the runner up was SAHARA MOTORS and AZAAN TRADING LTD walked away as the winner.


  • Northern Region, the runner up was GOLDEN COURTS and the winner was WAR CHILD NETHERLANDS.


  • Under Government Ministry, the winner was MINISTRY OF EDUCATION AND SPORTS.



This award recognizes taxpayers with significant revenue contribution during the year to the Government coffers. The receiver of this award registers outstanding growth in revenue contribution and employs a big number of Ugandans, thus contributing greatly to economic development. The recipient of this award is an icon of compliance across all fields.

The runner up in this category was Nile Energy Limited and CROWN BEVERAGES LIMITED emerged the winner.


Best Government Exhibitors during the #MyTaxesWork Exhibition 26th  to 28th  September 2018 included;


  1. Uganda National Roads Authority


  1. Ministry of foreign affairs


  1. Office of the Prime Minister


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