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“Fuel The Feeling” Campaign Launched To Deliver Premium Experience To V-Power Customers Service Stations

Vivo Energy Uganda has announced a three-month nationwide campaign for motorists who use Shell V-Power, a premium fuel that cleans and protects drivers’ engines, whilst giving the ultimate performance benefit.

The campaign dubbed “Fuel the Feeling” will include a number of activities intended to deliver premium experiences for customers who fuel with Shell V-Power.

“Our customers are thrilled by the enhanced performance that Shell V-Power gives their vehicles. Through this campaign, we want more customers to experience and appreciate the fuel’s capability; and enjoy every moment of their drive whilst using Shell V-Power in their engines. We know that not all fuels are the same, which is why we are committed to providing better fuels to deliver a superior performance,” said Moses Kebba the Vivo Energy Uganda Marketing Manager.

As part of this campaign, code named ‘Power Weekends’, customers will be able to purchase Shell V-Power at the price of regular fuel.

“We are also offering motorists a pit-stop experience through which they will access free engine diagnostics and expert advice by our team of professional mechanics at our service bays. I would encourage our customers to visit any of our participating Shell service stations to benefit from the campaign,” Kebba added.

Vivo Energy Uganda also revealed that its team of National Rally Champions that are sponsored by Shell V-Power, namely Arthur Blick, Ronald Ssebuguzi and Omar Mayanja areits campaign ambassadors.

“As a professional rally driver, I always ensure to choose the best fuel that can enhance the performance of my personal car. Shell V Power delivers this because it is formulated with powerful cleaning molecules that protect my engine, giving me a more exciting drive,” said Arthur Blick.

Shell V-Power Unleaded with a Research Octane Number (RON) of 95 has been tested and proven to enhance performance in your car by Shell fuel scientists and mechanics in conjunction with F1’s Scuderia Ferrari, BMW motorsport and Moto GP Ducati.

In Uganda, National Rally Champions use Shell V-Power because it maintains their engines’ optimal performance with unmatched protection.  Shell V-Power has a long-standing history of supporting and contributing to the growth of motor sport through sponsorships of individual rallying talent and sporting events such as the National Rally Championships, Pearl of Africa Rally, Kabalega Rally and the National Motocross championships.

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