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FLAX SEEDS: A Crop That Can Earn You Shs10M In 4 Months From An Acre

flax seeds from prof bioresearch

Flax seeds are medicinal and can be used to make clothes

Flax Seed which is also called Linseed or Linen plant is lucrative due to their medicinal, apparel and beauty properties. It appears on the national emblems of both Berarus and Northern Ireland; it was also on the one pound coin until 2007.

In Uganda, it was introduced by the British colonialists in the 1940s in Kigezi region and planted it at a place called Kisizi, after drawing inspiration from the Russian Army who were putting on cold resistant linen uniforms made from Flax seeds.

Apart from its apparel use, flax seeds are used to make paper money and tea bags  because of its strong fibre with properties of water absorption resistance. Their medicinal and health benefits include being used as a hormonal imbalance remedy, brain booster, milk booster in cattle, boosting heart health and prostate cancer prevention.

They are naturally nutrient-dense seeds containing omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids which are essential for brain health. It is also rich in fibre.

Basing on the above mentioned economic and health benefits of the Flax Seeds, Prof Bioresearch, a Ugandan company into research and value addition, is partnering with farmers across the country to grow Flax seeds.

In an exclusive interview with Business Focus, Julius Nyanzi aka Omukenkufu, the CEO Prof Bioresearch, revealed that a farmer can earn up to Shs10 million in 4 months from one acre of flax seeds. The crop can be grown twice a year.

“We provide both the training and the market. We have the capacity to buy up to 100,000 metric tonnes,” Nyanzi says.

Flowering Flax Plant

To plant an acre of flax seeds, Nyanzi says it requires four (4) tins of seeds each sold at Shs10,000 from Prof Bioresearch head offices at  Equatorial Mall, Kampala.

This means that Shs40,000 worth of flax seeds is enough to plant an acre. According to Nyanzi, this includes training on planting, weeding and harvesting.

“At three months the plant is fully grown and at four months, the seeds are ready for harvesting. Flax is a seasonal crop which can be grown even on rented or leased land. It is grown organically, meaning you don’t need chemical fertilizers and it doesn’t damage soil because of its herbal in nature,” Nyanzi says.

He says an acre of Flax seeds is expected to yield between 200-500kg in four months. A kilogram of Flax seeds is bought at Shs20,000 at Prof Bioresearch. This means a farmer can earn between Shs4m to Shs10m from an acre of Flax seeds in a single season with minimum investment.

“We provide you with the training and supervision needed to achieve the desired target,” he says.

For more information contact, Prof Bioresearch via

Tel:  0702 061652 / 0779 519652 

Email: prof[email protected] 

Money Grows on Trees Series by Omukenkufu Nyanzi Julius

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