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Exposed: Bagyenda Hid In Mbuya To Dodge Parliamentary Vetting

Justine Bagyenda

Troubled Justine Bagyenda, the former Executive Director-Supervision at Bank of Uganda (BoU) on September 17, 2018 snubbed vetting by Parliamentary Appointments Committee for unexplained reasons.

It has now emerged that Bagyenda, who had been recommended by Finance Minister to be reappointed as a Board Member at Financial Intelligence Authority (FIA), was hiding in Mbuya.

According to Bagyenda’s leaked phone call records, at the time the Committee was waiting for her to appear before it, she was hiding at her home in Mbuya, a swanky Kampala suburb.

Records also show that on the vetting day, Bagyenda spent most of her day in Mbuya and at 10:25:34, she got an incoming phone call from an Airtel number (withheld for security reasons).

Then, at 12:14:22, she received another phone call on the same number and at 16:20:19, she got another incoming phone call from a different Airtel number with 070 code and it was from there that she moved from her place to Standard Chartered bank with her lawyer, who is also Bank of Uganda Lawyer Timothy Masembe of MMAKS advocates.

MPs termed her failure to turn up for vetting as disrespect.

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IGG this week said investigations against Bagyenda’s alleged illicit accumulation of wealth are complete, only waiting for the Leadership Code Tribunal to be put in place so that she can be further questioned on how  she became wealthy yet she wasn’t earning a lot of money to enable her get the wealth in question.

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