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Expert Opinion: Why You MUST Finish What You Start

By Livingstone Mukasa

In 2009, I travelled from Dar-es-Salam to Mbeya in Tanzania by Bus. This is quite a punishing 13 hour bus ride with only 20 minute lunch break in between.

The journey takes you through two National Parks with a scintillating view of wildlife.

On this occasion, we spotted Giraffes, Buffalos and Elephants. Compared to Uganda, Tanzania is a big country but in most parts, it has only one rainy season a year compared to the two for Uganda.

What struck me as we moved deeper away from the capital was the amount of unfinished houses by the roadside.

                                                                 Livingstone Mukasa, the writer

Clearly something was amiss, but I could not tell why this was the case. This year I had a chance to dine with senior Tanzanian government officials in Kampala.

I mentioned the unfinished houses by the roadside and they confirmed that this is still the case.

When you start something and you don’t finish it, you waste resources and locks up even the little you sunk in.

If it is a customer’s job, it means you cannot invoice and get paid. If it a house, it means you will have to continue renting. If it is education, unless you finish the course, it will be useless to have studied 2/3 years.

As a country, we have a lot of unfinished business and projects, but that is a story for another day. You need to have a purpose to finish what you start or else do not start at all. Kwaheri!

Livingstone Mukasa is an author and CEO at Mazima Retirement Plan. Twitter@MukasaMulya FaceBook@Livingstone Mukasa


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