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EXCLUSIVE: Health Ministry Names Director General Mbonye Successor

Business Focus showed a few days ago that for conflict of interest by sidelining his supervisors to confuse the Health Service Commission on his suitability for the job of Director General- Medical Services at the Ministry of Health, Prof Anthony Mbonye had been fired on orders of the Inspector General of Government (IGG).

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Now the latest info shows that even when the very disgruntled Mbonye has tried crying in court for help, the ministry PSST Dr. Diana Atwine has already acted by appointing Dr. Henry Mwebesa to take over Mbonye’s duties which means Mbonye will now be crying for spilt milk as he clearly can’t get back his job as there is no status quo to keep in place by court.

The new DG for MOH Dr. Henry Mwebesa (R)

For unknown reasons, Mbonye doesn’t want to lose the DG post even when his bosses clearly don’t want him there anymore.

As for Mwebesa, he has been substantively serving as the director for economic planning at the same ministry. Sources say Dr. Mwebesa is very hardworking and honest.

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More details to follow as Mbonye loses the job which put him number 2 to the PSST at the ministry in terms of wielding powers.

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