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Engineers, Manufacturers Ink Deal to Tackle Poor Building and Construction Standards

The Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA) and the Uganda Institute of Professional Engineers (UIPE) have signed an agreement to collaborate on improving the standards in the construction industry.

This follows a dialogue held last month at which each of the various stakeholders in the production and distribution of building materials as well as on the housing and construction value chain gave their views on the causes and possible solutions to substandard structures.

The Memorandum of Understanding between the two will see them join efforts in activities like training and skilling of human resources, enhancing monitoring of the two industries, and promoting self-regulation. UIPE President, Andrew Muhwezi, admitted that apportioning blame for the shortcomings in the products and services only affected the consumers, hence the need for the two Industries to work together.

Muhwezi said, that since the engineering profession was largely employed in the manufacturing industry, UIPE was in the best position to provide research for it, for better services, which would help restore public confidence.

Self-regulation will involve cracking down on producers and distributors of substandard products, as well as on quack and unscrupulous practitioners in the construction industry.

Engineer Muhwezi said if his engineering profession could tackle the issue of professional conduct while UMA responded to concerns of poor material standards, there would be an overall improvement.

Deo Kayemba, the chairman UMA Board admitted that there were shortcomings in both industries, that is poor building materials standards as well as unqualified building and construction practitioners.


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