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EC To Fill 831 Vacancies In Local Gov’t By-Elections

 Paul Bukenya, the Ag. EC Spokesperson

The Electoral Commission (EC) has revealed that  831 vacancies are set to be filled in Local Government  Councils by-elections in 127 districts across the country.

The revelation has been made by Paul Bukenya, the Ag. EC Spokesperson in an interview with a local Television station.

“Of these, 21 are LC 3 Chairpersons, and only 1 is for LC 5 Chairperson, Kayunga District,” Bukenya said, adding that the EC follows electoral laws to organize a by-election to fill a vacant position.

“For Local Government, the Clerk to Council writes to EC, and the Commission has 90 days from the time it receives a notice, to organize a by-election,” he says, adding: “In accordance with  our laws in Uganda, we hold General Elections after 5 years. However, a by-election may occur due to various reasons, such as; when Court annuls the victory of a candidate, resignation, when an elected leader dies etc.”

Bukenya says the nomination of candidates for Local Government Councils by-elections, will be conducted on 29th and 30th November 2021 at the candidates’ respective districts.

He adds that nominated candidates’ campaign meetings will be conducted from 2nd to 14th December 2021. The campaigns will follow Ministry of Health COVID-19 SOPs.

“Polling and tallying of results for election of Councilors representing SIGs shall take place on 15th Dec, while polling for District Chairperson, Kayunga, and other Local Government Councils shall take place on 16th Dec 2021 at all Polling Stations in the affected electoral areas,” Bukenya says.

It is worth noting that the Display of the National Voters’ Register for Local Government Councils by-elections in the electoral areas across the country where vacancies exist, concludes today, Wednesday, 17th November 2021 at 6:00pm. This exercise started on  Monday November 8.

The purpose of the display is to enable voters check for the correctness of their  particulars on the Voters’ Register, confirm that their photographs appear against correct particulars  on the Register, raise objections  to the inclusion and/or removal of a voter’s particulars from the Register and report to the display officer (those who have died, those who are under 18, those who reside or originate from a parish other than the one they are registered in, and those who appear more than once on the Voters’ Register).

After the display exercise, the list of all persons recommended for deletion from the National Voters’ Register shall also be displayed for a period of 6 days from November 18, 2021 to November 22, 2021 at the parish/ward headquarters within the electoral areas.

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