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Don’t Crucify Buganda, Catholics For NRM Loss In Central Region; Blame Ruling Party & Its Bad Advisers

Parts of East Nile (BUSOGA) and other former strong holds of H.E President Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni including the Jerusalem of Front for National Salivation (Fronasa) Bugisu in the 60s and 70s were also causalities.

“A lie gets half way round the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on”, Sir Winston Churchill said. I personally believe that the legion of mistakes, un –coordinated campaign strategy “Presidential Advisors” (majority of them are Buganda Artists-Abadongo and the NRM are enemies of themselves seemingly lacking a coherent operational agenda Catholicism in Uganda is a majority without a collective voice and.

If voting was strictly on the basis of religion, age and gender considerations, then the president would have always been a Catholic, a youth and a Muganda Woman.

It is therefore speculative intellectualism for one to imagine that the population census figures provided recently by Uganda National bureau of statistics are an automatic gauge to electoral victory.

It is true Catholics in Uganda and the world at large are the majority, have more schools and therefore more exposed through education, but the factual analysis of Uganda’s social , political –religious relationship provide a completely different trend.

What I conclusively analyze is that the voters are starting to brutally hold those in power accountable especially starting from those who voted YES without permission in the age limit motion of 2017.

Messrs Raphael Magyezi and Jackson Kafuzi ere insulated by the President with ministerial positions and survived because they happen to come from Western region while Hon Moses Grace Balyeku the seconder of the motion paid for it. Other deadly mistakes included the most recent by the IGP’S remark of “we are going to harvest them, we are going to beat them to help save them” in reference to JOURNALISTS covering elections campaigns.

Additionally Hon Robert Kyagulanyi was from the word go prompted to gear up when he realized that Government feared him first when his driver was gunned down in Arua, his arrest for possession of two fire arms (SMGs), the debacle of the red berets/overalls, T/shirts advance registration of people power pressure group by those associated with NRM, dispute of his date of birth, allegedly smuggled Sserunjogi’s political party which was changed to NUP, recruitment of musician mercenaries (Kusasira, Bugembe, Bebe-Cool, Full Figure etc. who while were concentrating on the President’s Goodies in their comfort zone which zone Ms Caroline Cummings described thus: “comfort zone is a very nice place but nothing grows there”, the team Robert Kyagulanyi was eventful and un predictable capitalizing on the above mistakes together with the conical , monstrous corruption and scavenged the whole country hence the storm we are witnessing. Generally, elections in Uganda are like organizing own funerals !!! I recommend heightened security and escort detail for Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi, his wife Barbra Itungo and family in place of preventive arrest to former presidential candidate and member of parliament because precedence entirely precludes any favorable attitude towards the state by the population as of now.

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