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CIPLAQCIL Donates Medicines To Provide Relief During COVID-19 Pandemic

CIPLAQCIL officials in a group photo after donating medicines

Amid a surge in COVID-19 cases in Uganda, CiplaQCIL recently donated medication to a faith-based hospitals to help ease the symptoms for patients fighting the disease. Body aches and pains are one of the symptoms of COVID-19. CiplaQCIL recently launched an effervescent paracetamol tablet, Cipladon, which helps to relieve pain twice as fast as ordinary paracetamol tablets.

CEO of CiplaQCIL, Nevin Bradford, said: “We are cognizant of the fact that COVID-19 cases have increased tremendously in the past couple of months and it has impacted negatively on the health of Ugandans and the economy at large. That is why CiplaQCIL is trying to help by providing the necessary medication to Ugandans.”

CiplaQCIL has donated a total of 5000 doses of Cipladon and will continue to make more donations to reach at least 25000 patients through faith-based organisations. This is to ensure equitable access to quality medication and provide the necessary support to alleviate the symptoms of COVID-19.

Bradford said: “At CiplaQCIL, we’re focused on ensuring access to quality, affordable medication as part of our Africa for Africa strategy and commitment to “caring for life”. We see a future where good health is expected, not for the few, but for the many. And we want to help make a difference during this pandemic in whichever way possible, starting by helping to relieve pain which can be a symptom of COVID-19.”

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